Community Concerns

Never Again in Littleton

To the dismay of many Littleton citizens, a huge apartment building was built in 2017 on Littleton Bvd, dwarfing the historic court house.  See picture.  The development was originally called “The Grove,” and was touted as affordable senior housing.  By the time it opened the name changed to The Vita, with rents starting at around $3000 a month for a one-bedroom overlooking the railroad.   Its salespeople push the view of the mountains—which used to belong to the historic bungalows directly to the east.

   Could such a thing happen again?  Hopefully not.  In 2019 city council passed an ordinance that, had it been in effect a couple years sooner, would have allowed the owners of the bungalows to appeal construction of the apartment building.  And the city has hired the consulting company Kendig-Keast to update and clarity city code.