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Next District 3 Meeting June 20, 2020

With the hope that things open up, the next Littleton District 3 citizen meeting will be 9:30 a.m., Saturday, June 20, at the Wilmore Garden Center, 711 E County Line Rd.  We’ll be in the shaded back yard—surrounded by gorgeous plants and view of the mountains.  As usual there will be lots of info about what’s going on in Littleton.  Email your questions to me at or bring them with you.

The Feb 22 District 3 citizen meeting brought out 55 people.  Carol reported on 16 different city related topics, including recent successes and how to contact the city to get things done.


-Citizens Sheri & Trip Butler rounded up more than 30 citizens to attend the planning commission public hearing about a proposed outdoor 150-dog daycare at County Line Rd. and Phillips Av.  Because of “quasi-judicial” rules, council member Carol Fey is not permitted to be involved before the May 5 city council public hearing.  For info, email

-Funding is in place for the future of High Line Canal water and trees.  Supporters include all of the jurisdictions along the 71 miles of the canal, Denver Water, and thousands of individual donors. Tree trimming is in process.  Water will come primarily from storm run-off soon to be filtered into the canal for an annual 100 additional days of water.

-The Tri-cities Homelessness Policy Group facilitated a connection between the Littleton Hospital Emergency Room and the county mental health provider All Health Network.  As a result, in January 10 people were transferred from the emergency room to the All Health Network walk-in clinic to be evaluated and connected with existing community services.  This saves taxpayers money while better addressing community needs.

-After 39 years of urban renewal board inactivity, city council abolished it. The board will return $400,000 of taxes to the city, South Suburban Park District, and Littleton Public Schools.

-In downtown Littleton there is a 90-day moratorium on multi-family and auto-oriented (e.g. drive-through businesses) development.

-Downtown Littleton will soon have signs that direct drivers to existing and often little-known public parking.

How to get things done

-pothole repair; ice and snow removal—streets dept 303-795-3863

-vehicles parked on the street more than 48 hours and RVs parked more than 72 hours—non-emergency police 303-794-1551

-excessive vehicle noise– non-emergency police 303-794-1551

If you have a question or comment, just reply to this email—  Or 303-795-9350.

Hope to see you at the June 20 meeting!

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