Carol Pledges to:

  1. Support individual rights.  In this election that especially means the right to speak and participate in local government.  That right has been curtailed by former mayor Phil Cernanec’s reduction of citizen speaking time at council meetings, and under his leadership council’s refusal to have any public hearings about building the zoning-violating Grove apartments on Littleton Blvd across from the old court house.
  2. Support property rights.  The purpose of zoning is so that everyone knows what to expect on the property around them.  With Littleton’s current city government, anything can be built anywhere.  The property rights of the people who own the historic houses across from Grove in Littleton Blvd were violated by the city allowing an over-sized apartment building to be built on property zoned for small business.
  3. Support responsible fiscal budgeting.   Littleton has intentionally avoided fixing streets for at least 5 years, while spending on more “exciting” projects.  Littleton has no shortage of money.  It does have a shortage of will to maintain streets and infrastructure, and to manage traffic.
  4. Will work to keep our taxes low while delivering good value for the taxes that we do pay.  The city already has adequate money.  We already pay plenty of taxes.  Let’s realign the city budget to give first priority what citizens really value rather than to support developers who take the money and run.
  5. Oppose special incentives for one group or citizen over another.  The firefighters’ union is calling it “safety” when what they are actually pushing for taxpayers to pay an additional $1.6 million a year for the same fire and EMT service we already have.   That may serve them, but it doesn’t serve us.  We will not have more safety for spending more.  And data proves that the service we have now is great.

Carol Fey Stands for:

  • Programs which preserve and improve quality of life
  • Responsible spending of our tax dollars and surplus
  • Making space for citizen input on city issues and business

Why Carol Fey is Running for City Council

Carol began her active community involvement in 2015 when an over-sized building was proposed to be built in her Oakbrook neighborhood. “My city council representative didn’t take me seriously. He said, “Don’t even try to resist—the developer always wins,” and “If you want to control the property, why don’t you buy it?” ($1million). She organized a group of 50 neighbors, and gave a presentation to the Littleton Planning Board about the many code violations of the proposed development. And it was a win for the neighbors!”

The view that I helped preserve by preventing a zoning-violating building in our neighborhood.  Our city council rep said “Don’t even try to resist—the developer always wins.”  But our neighborhood did win, and the proposed huge building is not there.